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The number one ground reinforcement solution

For the natural appearance of grass or gravel use Rite Pave in your paved area.

Made in the UK

Made at our facility in Hull, UK.

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Water permeable design

Eco-friendly and compatible within a SUDS drainage system.

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100% recycled

We use 100% recycled mix of polypropylene and polyethelene sourced from the UK.

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20 year life expectancy

Rite Pave has been in use now for over 20 years.

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HGV load bearing

HGV's, double-decker buses and even tanks can drive over Rite Pave.

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Many applications

Drive-ways, golf courses, events, parking and more .

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Surface Reinforcement Grid

Rite Pave is an exceptionally durable permeable paving grid, perfect for protecting driveways and grass areas.

Rite-Pave reinforcement systems are designed for long term use, providing a porous substrate support system which holds earth, grass or gravel. The permeable coarse will significantly reduce heat reflection and help the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Manufactured from 100% Recycled HDPE, Rite-Pave products are designed to easily join together to form a structure that can handle thermal expansion within itself. The design is also perfect for supporting healthy grass growth within the cell which keeps the finished installation looking good.

Uses of Rite Pave

Residential Parking Areas
Rite Pave has a strong load bearing capability making it perfect for dealing with vehicles.
Grass Parking Areas
Water permeable paving grids which are perfect for protecting grass parking areas.
Golf Course Pathways
Rite Pave protects grassy golf areas from becoming worn, muddy or rutted.
Gravel Parking
Rite Pave has been designed to protect and support gravel parking areas.

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